Nadan Chicken Curry – Trissur Style

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  1. Priya says:

    Slurp,fingerlicking chicken curry,seriously cant take my eyes from the clicks..

  2. Thick and delicious curry…Beautiful kothipikkuna clicks..

  3. divya says:

    Lip-smacking recipe.. Nice clicks..

  4. Ramya says:

    i love chicken curry with potatoes…yum..

  5. Pushpa says:

    Creamy and yummy chicken curry.

  6. Suja says:

    Wow superb curry..drooling here

  7. very tempting and yummy curry !!

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  8. Suhaina says:

    oh what a perfect dish to have…love it..wonderful clicks too

  9. Priti says:

    Looks delicious and yum ….nice pic

  10. yummy creamy curry, just need rice to finish off that bowl

  11. Nisa Homey says:

    Creamy perfect dish!!!

  12. Prathima Rao says:

    The curry is creamy & sooo… delicious!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  13. Swati Sapna says:

    The curry looks vibrant and delicious! I love most Kerala chicken dishes… looking forward to trying it out 🙂

  14. Az says:

    Looks delicious….

  15. wow so tempting…mouthwatering here…

  16. Neets says:

    Hi Maya and Akhila,

    I tried out your recipe and hav posted it on my blog..minus the potatoes! Do chk it out! There’s a lil dedication for u guys too..he he!! BTW, u hav a great space here! Keep up the good work!

  17. divya says:

    i made this chicken curry. Oh my god the response! I ve turned a couple of strict vegetarians into chicken eating ppl jus cos of ur recipe 🙂 keep it up!

  18. Saksha says:

    I have tried a couple of dishes from your website, and they have turned out well. I love the hard work and integrity with which you post the recipes. A very clean and appealing presentation. I have checked so many sites, blogs, youtube, over the years…but yours is a class apart. Kudos to you for that.
    Tried your chicken curry yesterday, and the response was….”simply superb”, from my husband, who is not too fond of non-veg. I was inspired to even make the garam masala…something I never done in my life before, so what if I broke the mixer blade ;)..hmm some learning there for me.

  19. Kathleen says:

    My husband and I made this curry together..our first attempt at chicken curry and was perfect…very tasty..thanks for the recipe..

  20. Sangeet says:

    Tried this recipe today… really tasty

  21. Sreedevi says:

    This is a fabulous recipe. Tastes good every single time and is super easy to put together.

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