One Pot Vegetable Biriyani – Pressure Cooker Version

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  1. Srimathi says:

    The rice looks very comforting. Wanted to take the whole place, wish I could.

  2. Wow ! Its super delicious rice !

  3. Hi maya, Yummy flavorful rice and beautiful clicks too.

  4. Rashida says:

    Have you renovated your site? It looks good and so the colourful rice.
    Have a great day ahead!

  5. Suby says:

    Looks very yummy ….

  6. divya says:

    tempting clicks,looks so irresistible.

  7. Same things with traditional

  8. Kelly says:

    Can you tell me how many gms rice is 1 1/2 cups.


  9. Remya says:

    Tried this with frozen vegi’s. Still came out very well. Thank you for sharing.
    Planning to make it for a pot-luck.
    For 5 cups of rice how much coconut milk and hot water should I use? Would greatly appreciate your reply.
    Thanks again.

  10. Praseeda says:

    Maya, Tried this last night. I have to admit, it was very easy to prepare. It took me less than an hour to prepare this with Raita & Papadum. Enjoyed with your ‘Sweet and Sour lemon pickle’ 🙂 Taste was good too, though I felt the traditional ones taste better. I would say it is a very easy and tasty biriyani recipe for working day dinners.

    Ps: Enjoying the leftover biriyani now while writing this comment in my lunch break 🙂

  11. Anisha says:

    When I moved to the US 2 years back I chanced upon this site in one of attempts to make chicken stew. Then on, I’ve been faithfully hooked cause the recipes here work like magic for me!! Thank you so much for making cooking that easy for me!

  12. Tanu says:

    Hello from Australia,

    I just tried this and it has come out really well. One of the few times that I follow recipes. I don’t cook rice int he pressure cooker often because I feel that they will clump together. this was a great recipe with very accurate description and timing. Thanks.

  13. Rakhi says:

    I tried out this recipe and came out perfectly well..thank you very much for the clear cut descriptions.

  14. Nita says:

    Perfect !…..just made it and relished….added a few fennel seeds too to give an extra punch.
    thankyou Maya

  15. Rusheeda says:

    Hi Maya…I tried out this biriyani this Sunday and it turned out to be awesome. Simple to prepare & tasty too… Thanks 🙂

  16. Geema says:

    Hello Maya,
    I have tried this recipe (added my fav mushrooms too )and came out really well! I have been your follower for years and all your recipes comes out perfect so far 🙂

    Thanks heaps 🙂

    Lots of love from Newzealand

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