Kerala Sadya Vibhavangal – Happy Vishu

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  1. Polianthus says:

    I stopped counting the dishes as I moved down the page – how big is your kitchen? How big is your fridge? Where oh where do you store all these delicacies….
    At the beginning I felt game, then as the page scrolled down and more and more pics appeared the more intimidated I became….I remember the cabbage with coconut and mustard seeds a school friend used to make it for us, didnt know it was southern indian, the rest looks delicious, but I think I might need to start smaller…

  2. gayathry says:

    All ur recipes are super.ur way of presentatn too.i am also from central without any cnfsn i can easily please ma fmly with ur recipes n thank u fir reminding the order of items in d banana leaf.

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