Baked Breaded Tilapia

Baked Breaded Tilapia

  Hi everyone! How are you all? Well, this side I guess at least a few of you might have noticed that I have slowed down my blogging pace. Yeah, I know it’s been ages since I wrote something here. Days are simply rushing off like crazy with me being caught up with so many activities.

  First of all, the weather is so very nice so most of the day is spent outside which leaves me very little time to click new pictures and blog them. Then my little one’s 3rd birthday celebration was last week. We all got sick after that..hubby is still recovering!

Next week, my best friend Smitha Abraham and her husband from Dubai, who are in the U.S for a month long trip will be visiting us for a few days. I am just so excited to meet her after almost 4 โ€“ 5 years. A major part of my good old memories is associated with her! We have a lot to catch up on ๐Ÿ™‚

  Then, the week after that we are going for a short trip to Kerala. Major shopping has to be done ๐Ÿ™‚ So you see, soooo many things are keeping me busy.

  Chances are almost everybody has some thing or the other that keeps them busy every single day and our Kitchen would be the last place we wanna be when we are busy, right?

  Whenever I get busy, I take a break from making rice and curries for a while, and prepare simple yet delicious meals like this baked fish/ chicken. I usually pair it with pasta salad/ couscous salad/ quinoa salad or roasted vegetables. That makes for a simple, delicious and healthy dinner in less than 30 minutes! Hope you enjoy goes the recipe!

Ingredients (Serves 1)

1. Tilapia โ€“ 1 fillet (I used frozen tilapia)

2. Mayonnaise โ€“ 1.5 tsp

    Salt โ€“ To taste

    Pepper powder โ€“ 1/4 tsp

3. Panko bread crumbs โ€“ 1.5 tbsp

    Plain bread crumbs โ€“ 1.5 tbsp

    Parmesan cheese โ€“ 1 tbsp, grated

    Garlic powder โ€“ 1 pinch

    Onion powder โ€“ 1 pinch (optional)

    Italian seasoning โ€“ 1/4 tsp

    Salt โ€“ 1 pinch


1. Preheat oven at 400 F.

2. Line a baking sheet with aluminium foil and coat with cooking spray.

3. In a wide plate, combine panko bread crumbs, plain bread crumbs,  parmesan cheese, garlic powder, onion powder, Italian seasoning and a pinch of salt.

4. Combine mayonnaise, salt and pepper powder in a small bowl. Apply this mixture on both sides of the fish fillet. Next dip both sides of the fish fillet in the panko bread crumb mixture pressing gently to make them stick.

5. Place the fish fillet on the greased aluminium foil. Bake for 10 – 12 minutes. Flip carefully and bake for another 2 โ€“ 3 minutes until the fish is done and flakes easily with a fork. Serve hot! I had it with roasted vegetables.


Instead of mayonnaise, you can use egg white. Beat an egg white with a pinch of salt and pepper powder. Dip the fish fillet in this mixture followed by the bread crumbs. Bake until done.

Baked Breaded Tilapia

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  • Absolutely delicious!! I made this last night, and my kids who are not fans of fish asked for seconds! I would never think to use mayonnaise as a binder, but it worked perfectly and added more flavor. Thanks again for a wonderful and easy recipe ๐Ÿ™‚

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