Tandoori Chicken with Green Chutney

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  1. Tempting tandoori chicken Maya..Oru rakshayum illa, pics anel pinne parayanda..Kidukidu..

  2. Pushpa says:

    Yummy and flavourful tandoori drumsticks.

  3. An Open Book says:

    even ive been thinking of making these..yummee

  4. Yummy! The green chutney sounds super too.

  5. Jisha Dil says:

    yummy chicken tandoori…Its one of my fav…and a lovely click too

  6. Fathima says:

    perfect appetizer and a colorful platter of red, green and yellow!

  7. Deepti says:

    Tempting Chicken Recipe…Loved the combination of colours

  8. Swathi says:

    Chicken and chutney adipoli Maya. Nice colors.

  9. Kidulam !! njanum ithu undakkai last week..he he 🙂 your pics very temptingttoo..

  10. Ahh u are making me crave for some chicken now…looks super gud.Green chutney is a must try bookmarked 🙂

  11. Rekha shoban says:

    adipoli pic….chicken nalla crispy ayittundu da.

  12. Shalini says:

    so tempting n inviting. beautiful clicks. yummilicious:)

  13. Yummy,love the colour of the chutney ..

  14. Kurinji says:

    lovely clicks n tempting!

  15. kandittu nalla crispy aayittirikkunnu……..superb:)

  16. Tandoori looks really yummy…And I bet that tempting looking chutney will go awesome with tandooi chicken

    Hamaree Rasoi

  17. Satrupa says:

    Looks delicious ….. on my list 🙂

  18. Jaisy James says:

    ithu kandittu sahikkan pattunnilla ente fav anithu. adipoliyayittundu. chutney also superb. next time ingane try cheyyam ketto

  19. Priya says:

    Wat a droolworthy tandoori chicken and chutney, very inviting..

  20. Dear,I am happy to share the versatile blogger award with you .Please collect it from my blog.Please pass it on.

  21. vineetha says:

    Wow..This is exactly how I make mine nowadays..Tried diff masalas,but this is the combination that gave me the top result.

  22. Kadittu sherikum kothiyavunu.Beautiful and tempting pics!

  23. hai

    kandittu kazhikkan thonnunnu. its too good yaaar.

  24. Maya kidillam aayitundu, kothiyaviunnu..last week undakkiyayirunnu ..this looks so inviting.

  25. Sarah Naveen says:

    oh enikku vayya..ente control pokunnu!!!!adipoli!!

  26. Jennifurla says:

    OMG how gorgeous, waht a fab dish.

  27. Nisa Homey says:

    Eniku vishakunnu……love ur space.

  28. BeenaShylesh says:

    ayuooo kothi ayittu vaya………….

  29. Jay says:

    wow Maya…your pics are amazing & I love your write up too da..
    Tasty Appetite

  30. da congrats ktto.ee blog id mathrubhumi onlinil koduthirikkunne kandu:)

  31. Gulmohar says:

    enikku vayya..kidilan tandoori chicken ketto…

  32. R says:

    this is a visual delight! i am sure it must taste yummy too.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Wowwww…. Really adipoli!!!!

  34. Jose says:

    Just wondering if the inside of the drumstick [closer to the bone] will be done in such a short time in high heat. I had seen raw pink meat close the bone when grilling chicken outdoors.
    Fantastic collection of recipes with a great international flavour. I envy your family and friends who get a chance to try all these yummy dishes. I wish you had a restaurant somewhere near where I am in Canada. 🙂

  35. irfan says:

    Yummyoyummy kandappo thanne vayar full aayi 😟

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