Chicken Recipes

Chicken recipes

Hey all! Chicken lovers… this is especially for you! Welcome to the yummy collection of chicken recipes. Chicken is just one dish where innumerable variations are possible. After all variety is the spice of life! We buy chicken only once in 2 – 3 weeks, and every time I get my hands on the chicken, I try to make a brand new dish! So far I have more than 100 chicken recipes in the blog and far more interesting recipes in my drafts, waiting for their time to find a place in my blog Smile.

Hover the mouse over the picture to read the name of the dish and please click on the pictures to go to the recipe. So here goes, all chicken recipes together in one place!

Snacks / Appetizers

  Who doesn’t love munching snacks! Instead of going in for store-bought or frozen snacks, try making it on your own! All the snacks/ appetisers listed below are really yummilicious!! My favorites are  chicken puffs, tandoori chicken, chicken pakoraschicken drumstick fry, chicken 65, baked chicken nuggets and chicken wings roast.

  Kids would love chicken rolls, cutlets, nuggets and bread pizza. And, If you are in the mood to go international….. go for shish taouk aka Lebanese chicken kebabs.


Chicken puffsTandoori chickenChicken pakorasChicken fryChicken 65Chicken wings roastChicken, veg and meat rollChicken cutletsBread pizzaLebanese chicken kebabsStuffed bunsChicken tikka

Chicken nuggets Baked masala wingsChicken bezule1chicken-fry1

Chicken kothu porottaBaked chicken nuggetsmayo-chicken2chicken-parmesan


Creamy Chicken-Vegetable Soup and Mexican Chicken tortilla Soup

Creamy chicken and veg soupChicken tortilla soup

Chicken Wraps / Rolls / Sandwiches

Wraps and rolls are something that always catches my fancy! They are easy to make, fills a hungry stomach and less messy too! Do u need another reason to try it? Start with the yummy Mexican chicken quesadilla, flautas, fajitas and Greek gyros. I am sure you will fall in love with them! You might also want to try an Indo-chinese twist on dosa – spring roll dosa and the Calcutta street food, kathi rolls.

You may not find many sandwich recipes here, they are soon to follow!

QuesadillaBaked flautasChicken fajitasChicken spring rollsChicken gyrosChicken kathi roll

Kerala Style chicken kathi rollLayered sandwichSpicy chicken sandwich

Cold chicken and mayo sandwichChicken and egg Kothu chapathi

Side – dishes for chapathis / plain rice / pulav / fried rice / porotta/ appam / idiyappam

  When I have guests, I always go in for vegetable pulav /matar pulav / veg biriyani/ fried rice and a chicken / mutton dish. I usually pair vegetable pulav with coriander chicken curry, nadan chicken curry, chicken chettinad, chicken chilly roast, Mughlai chicken qorma, chicken tikka masala or Kerala style chicken kurma.

  Curry leaf pepper chicken and fried chicken masala are our recent favorites, they goes really well with  porotta, plain rice, pulav, chapathis etc. Chicken stew, Chicken mappas, Trissur style chicken and potato curry are the best combos for Kerala appam, kallappam and idiyappam.

Butter chicken and chilli chicken goes really well with fried rice. With plain white rice/ Kerala rosematta rice, you can try chicken roast, pepper chicken, chicken thoran or chicken peralan.

   Need some more? Do you have any favorites? The combos are endless and the choice is really yours!

Coriander chicken curryNadan chicken curryChicken chettinadChicken chilly roastChicken KurmaCurry leaf pepper chickenChicken StewChicken mappaspepper-chicken

dragon-chickenTrissur style chicken and potato curryButter chickenChilli chicken with gravyChicken RoastPepper chickenChicken thoranChicken drumstick curryBaked whole chickenChicken and vegetable stir-fryChicken PiralanRestaurant style chicken CurrySpicy chicken curryKashmiri and garlic chilly chicken

Andhra chicken roastChicken curry1DSC_0743chicken-roast

chilly chickenKerala chicken curry with coconut milkKodi kura / Andhra chicken currymethi-malai-chicken1

Mughlai chicken qormaKung pao chickenRoasted lemon chicken1dsc_0910

Coconuut chicken curryChicken drumstick fry- less oil versionfried-chicken-roastbaked-chicken-masala

karahi-chicken2 dhaba-chicken-currychicken-masala-roastmalabar-chicken-currystir-fried-chilly-chicken chicken-ularthiyathu dsc_0312

bachelors-chicken-curry chicken-curry1 pepper-chicken-curry1 coriander-pepper-chicken-curry-184

Chicken Biriyani / Pulav/ Noodles /Fried Rice

  During my first year of marriage, I used to always make Kerala chicken biriyani whenever we had guests. Slowly, I got bored of it and I needed variety ! I decided to try different biryanis. Green chicken biriyani got me hooked! It is easier to make compared to the traditional chicken biriyani and will be loved by everyone who likes the flavor of coriander leaves and mint.

  And if you don’t have time for an elaborate biriyani, you can go for this chicken pulav or the flavorful and delicious Thai chicken fried rice.

  Mixed noodles and chicken fried rice were my favorites as a kid!

Kerala Chicken BiriyaniGreen chicken biriyaniChicken PulavThai fried riceMixed Noodles Chicken fried rice

Chicken biriyani - Pressure cooker methodEasy Chicken drumstick biriyanithalasseri-chicken-biriyani2hyderabadi-chicken-biriyanikerala-special-chicken-biriyani


Creamy sausage and spinach pesto pastaChicken alfredo pastachicken-and-vegetables-in-a-creamy-pesto-sauce

Now get those chickens out of your freezers, defrost it and cook! Do let me know what you all made!

I hope this post on chicken recipes was useful to you. Happy cooking! Smile

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